Friday, April 30

Every step is a step closer.

The future is every tomorrow, I'm blessed to experience.

Taking it one step at a time, that's all you can do.

Monday, February 8

I only speak the truth :)

Wednesday, January 27

I'm leaving 09 in the past.

im doing NIECE!

What are youuu gunna do?

Doors CLoSiNg .. Just a thought

If i close a door I'm not looking back
If you slam the door on me i'm not coming back to open it.
If the door slowly swings shut, its up to US to keep it open.
When one door closes another one opens
When Someone else opens a door and i walk through it
dont be upset
When you can see whats goin on through a glass door
dont throw a rock
When i open up the door for another
dont be surprised
We opened a door
If I close it im not looking back
We opened a door
If you slam it im not coming back
We opened a door
If WE let it slowly swing shut it wasnt meant to be
When one door is opened another one is closed.
......................................Up for interpretation.........................................

Sunday, October 11

Love. Dont. Cost. A. Thang.

Flowers, Diamonds, All the money in the world....

Can't pay for tears shed.

My love is free appreciate it when you have it. Cause when I'm gone my love comes with me, and we're never coming back. I close the door and never look back.


Laughter is the best medicine.
A smile is worth a million words.


Love yourself FIRST.

Do I love me?
What do I love about me?

You can't honestly LOVE some one else until you love yourself first.

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